Mrs. Stone

Any opportunity is an opportunity to learn!

My Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I believe that every learner is a unique individual, and has the right to learn in a safe, inclusive and judgement free environment where they can see themselves as successful. I believe in empathy and humor as a way to create a culture of caring, where learners feel comfortable making mistakes and celebrating successes. My ultimate goals include making each day of learning a chance to engage in authentic learning experiences as well as providing every student the chance to develop into the very best version of themselves. I am committed personally and professionally to a practice rooted in Anti-racism, social justice and cultural relevance. Through these lenses, I believe that our learning together will lead us towards authentic change, that will ultimately make the world a brighter place. Together, we will use every opportunity as an opportunity to learn, and embody the change we wish to see. The future is bright.

About Me

The journey to a career in education hasn’t been straight, but it certainly has been fun. I have spent the last 25 yrs working in the floral arts and am now starting fresh, taking my passion for life long learning to the next level.

Simply put, I want to make education a positive experience for all learners and help forge a path to an amazing tomorrow! My hope is to foster the same love of education that was fostered in me.

In my spare time I enjoy reading non fiction centered around issues of social justice and history. I am an avid traveler and have spent time in Australia, Kenya, Uganda and Taiwan. I also enjoy spinning and weight training. In the summer my family and I enjoy going to cottage, camping and spending as much time outside as we can.


Reflection: Student for Change Project and Photovoice

Over the course of my practicum at the Children’s Aid society it has been increasingly clear that youth in care have a very different educational experience than most other students. This is not necessarily the case in every scenario; however, it is not uncommon for youth in care to struggle with a sense of belonging…

How To Be An Anti-Racist: Reflection and Practice

This year, my second year as a pre-service teacher has been far from what I would consider normal. I think I can safely say that 2020 as a whole has left us much to ponder in terms of our role as individuals, our role as a collective society, the roles we want our governments to…

Reflecting on Community Service Learning at Henry Munro Middle School

Starting at Henry Munro as part of my CSL was both exciting and nerve racking.  There was so much to learn about the layout of the school, the students, the clubs, the faculty and the administration.  Not to mention all the protocols that are a part of school life.  Slowly but surely, I’ve learned which…

Borders and Identity

As people we all assume an identity.  That identity is a fusion of nature and nurture.  Chambers article examines her own identity around identification and its relation to borders. The borders created by our colonial forefathers were not natural borders. They were borders created for political and monetary reasons. In the context of Indigenous identity…

What Does Differentiated Learning Look Like? Scaffolding and Tiering

Two instructional strategies that I have been introduced to as new teacher include scaffolding and tiering. Both provide students with the support they need to reach proximal development for learning.  By examining these strategies I’m able to better implement them in my classroom. DEFINE THESE STRATEGIES? Scaffolding: These are temporary supports that challenge student learning…


On the walls of Henry Munroe Middle School

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