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Any opportunity is an opportunity to learn!

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I believe that every student is an individual and has the right to learn in a safe and judgement free classroom. I believe that my students and I are on the journey of learning together and although I may act as a guide, I am also learning from each and every one of my students along the way. Each day in the classroom should be a chance for authentic learning giving every student the chance to develop into their best selves. Sometimes the road is long, but together, we will use every opportunity as an opportunity to learn.


  • Borders and Identity

    November 6, 2019 by

    As people we all assume an identity.  That identity is a fusion of nature and nurture.  Chambers article examines her own identity around identification and its relation to borders. The borders created by our colonial forefathers were not natural borders. They were borders created for political and monetary reasons. In the context of Indigenous identity… Read more


    November 3, 2019 by

    Two instructional strategies that I have been introduced to as new teacher include scaffolding and tiering. Both provide students with the support they need to reach proximal development for learning.  By examining these strategies I’m able to better implement them in my classroom. DEFINE THESE STRATEGIES? Scaffolding: These are temporary supports that challenge student learning… Read more

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About Me

The journey to a career in education hasn’t been straight, but it certainly has been fun. I have spent the last 25 yrs working in the floral arts and am now starting fresh and I am taking my passion for life long learning to the next level.

Simply put, I want to contribute to society in a meaningful way, to help forge a path to an amazing tomorrow! My hope is to foster the same love of education that was fostered in me. I hope to create a positive future for our younger generation through a passion for learning.

There are always opportunities to learn something new and what better way to keep learning then to enter into a career that fosters learning for all.

What an opportunity and what a privilege it is to be on this journey to becoming a teaching professional.

Lessons from Practicum

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From the Land of Ice and Snow


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